spicy hummus dip

Recipe by Remi Y. ’16

Why settle for plain salad-bar hummus when you can make your own? Paired with homemade toasted pita chips, this delicious dip adds a dash of flavor to any meal.

spicy hummus dip 2

spicy hummus dip

garnished with a spinach leaf because there wasn’t any parsley. win.

Spicy Hummus Dip

Ingredients: (serves 1)

4 tablespoons hummus (from the salad bar)
A generous amount of olive oil
A dash of ground black pepper
A pinch of spicy red pepper seeds
pita bread

Drizzle olive oil over hummus and add ground black pepper and spicy red pepper seeds.  Pop a few pita bread halves on the toaster (the one with the conveyor rack) and bam, instant pita chips.  Dip, taste and enjoy!


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